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Hi, I'm Konstantin Burkalev

I'm a Software Architect and Engineer with over two decades of experience crafting cutting-edge software systems for businesses, friends, and personal passions.

About Me

I'm an experienced Software Architect and former CTO at Postnauka with over 20 years in Information Technology. My expertise lies in designing and developing complex software systems, crafting efficient development processes, and mentoring aspiring professionals. Over my career, I've played a key role in creating city-wide security systems, cutting-edge IoT platforms, various CRM systems, ticketing systems, and educational platforms.

As the author and host of the "SDCast" podcast, I delve into the nuances of software development. I further contribute to the tech community by organizing and speaking at diverse meetups and conferences.

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What I can help you with:


  • Planning a project from scratch? I will design the architecture and choose the technology based on business objectives and available resources
  • Do you have a project and development has slowed down? I'll help you to find bottlenecks and ways to improve them, or choose the right technology to switch to, help justify and convince the business of the need to change and make a transition plan
  • There is a live project, but something is going wrong? I'll help you identify bottlenecks and suggest solutions


  • Business doesn't understand what R&D is doing and why all deadlines are failing? I'll help you establish transparent communication and planning
  • Developers complain about poor problem-setting and the business that everything is done wrong? I'll help you build the development process from task definition, requirements gathering to release and feedback
  • Have difficulties with development, testing, delivery or releases? I'll help you build the life cycle of the whole project, set up CI/CD, release management

People Management:

  • Are there problems in communication within the development team or outside? I'll help you find the cause and offer a solution
  • You're growing, the team is expanding, and you don't know how to manage it effectively? I'll help you build a transparent and clear organizational structure, define roles and areas of responsibility
  • Do you feel that your developers or yourself (as a developer) are not working at their full potential, there are problems with motivation? I'll help you figure out what the problem is and how to solve it.

DevRel, public speaking and conferences:

  • Are you having trouble hiring, don't know how to look for developers? I'll tell you how to make your tech brand recognizable
  • You've never spoken at a conference and are afraid to start so as not to fall in the mud? I'll tell you how to get started and help you prepare a talk
  • Don't know how to convince your employer to attend a conference or even speak at one? I'll help you find convincing reasons

Projects You can explore the public projects on which I have worked or am currently working.

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The Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP)

WAMP is an open standard WebSocket subprotocol that provides two application messaging patterns in one unified protocol:

  • Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)
  • Publish & Subscribe messaging

I am one of the editors, the developers of the protocol itself, as well as the author and contributor of several implementations (see other projects).

Using WAMP you can build distributed systems out of application components which are loosely coupled and communicate in (soft) real-time.

I have a few talks and presentations about it. Check it out:

WAMP site
Wampy.js logo


Feature-rich lightweight WAMP (WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol) Javascript implementation.

Wampy.js is javascript library, that runs both in browser and node.js environments, and even in react native environment.

It implements WAMP v2 specification on top of WebSocket object, also provides additional features like auto reconnecting and automatic resubscription.

Wampy supports JSON, MessagePack and CBOR serializers and has plugin system for different WAMP auth options. It has no external dependencies (by default) and is easy to use.

Wampy GitHub
Nexus logo


WAMP router library, client library and router service.

Nexus implements most of the features defined in the WAMP-protocol advanced profile. The nexus project is written in Go and designed for highly concurrent asynchronous I/O. The nexus router provides extended functionality.

Nexus supports JSON, MessagePack and CBOR serializers and can be easily extended to run on top of other transports besides WebSockets.

Nexus GitHub
Wiola logo


WAMP implementation in Lua.

Wiola implements WAMP specification v2 router specification on top of OpenResty web server, which is actually Nginx with a bunch of 3rd party modules, such as lua-nginx-module, lua-resty-websocket, lua-resty-redis and so on. It uses Redis as session store and supports JSON and MessagePack serializers.

Wiola GitHub
Loowy logo


Lua WAMP (WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol) client implementation on top of lua-websockets and lib-ev.

Loowy supports JSON and msgpack serializers and can be installed via luarocks

Loowy GitHub
SDCast Logo


A podcast about software development and its surroundings.

I started recording the podcast back in 2013 and am still recording it. This is a hobby project that I do as much as I can.

In each episode I talk to a guest from the IT world, a professional in his field. It can be a developer in any field and in any language, an author of a book or even a programming language, a creator of an interesting service or application, a tester, an architect, or even a CTO.

The podcast allows me to have a broad outlook on the IT world, to follow trends and technologies and have an idea of how and where they can be used.

The podcast is recorded in Russian.

SDCast Site

Contact me If you have an idea or request, need help or consultation, or just want to say "Hi!", fill out and submit the form below